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Final Closeouts for these products.   Once they're gone, they're gone!
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"The charm of fishing is that it is
the pursuit of what is elusive but
attainable, a perpetual series of
occasions for hope."  ~John
When a man picks up a fly
rod for the first time, he
may not know, he has been
born again.” -  Joseph D.
Tica Veteran G Series 206 Fly Reel
A great introductory trout fly reel! The Veteran G model has an aluminum frame and spool and is CNC machined. It has an awesome power drag control system with an oversized drag washer. 1 ball bearing and a 1-way clutch roller bearing makes for spool cranking. Easily converts right-left handed. Weight is 5.6 oz and can support WF6F+45 yards.
Rio Braided Loops
Rio Braided Loops make it quick and easy way to attach your leader to the fly line or the backing to the line. Available in 2 sizes: regular (for 3-6 wt. lines), large (for 7-12 wt. lines). 4 loops per pack.
Loon Fly Line
Designed for modern graphite rods. The Weight Forward Floating Line is the highest floating, state of the art line available. The Teflon treated Flex-Cote coating has a slick, stiffer finish with a very low coefficient of friction for long, accurate casts. Sinking Lines are Fast sink lines: 2-4 ips.
Striped Bass T-Shirt
What a great striper shirt! 100% cotton & short sleeves will keep you cool. Shirt color is drab olive only. Limited sizes, limited quantities.
Veteran T Series
Veteran T Series Features
*   4 Ball Bearings
*   Forged Aluminum frame, spool, stand
and drag knob
*   Instant Anti-reverse
*   Computer Control Machined for precision
*   Balanced Spool
*   Line Out Alarm
*   Power Drag Control System
*   Over-sized Drag Washer
*   One-Way Clutch Roller Bearing
*   One touch release spool
*   Ambidextrous
*   Wooden Handle Knob
*   Includes free reel bag
Veteran S Series
Veteran S Series Features
*   2 Ball Bearings
*   Forged Aluminum frame and stand
*   Instant Anti-reverse
*   Computer Control Machined for precision
Balanced  Aluminum Spool
*   Line Out Alarm
*   Power Drag Control System
*   Over-sized Drag Washer
*   One-Way Clutch Roller Bearing
*   One touch release spool
*   Ambidextrous
*   Wooden Handle Knob
*   Includes free reel bag
TICA Veteran S Series 209 Fly Reel
Weight is 6.7 oz and can support WF9F+110 yards / 20 lbs.
TICA Veteran T Series 209 Fly Reel
Weight 6.3 oz with a line capacity of WF9F+110 yds / 20 lbs
Small Fly Box with Ripple/Ripple
4.25" x 2.875" x 1.125"
The same great fly box only this box has rippled foam on both halves. Available in Black only.
Medium Fly Box with Flat / Ripple
5.625" x 3.75" x 1.375"
We're pleased to offer the medium fly box with flat foam on one side with ripple on the other. You can have it in any color you want, as long as it's Black.
Tungsten Cyclops Fluorescent Yellow 4.6mm
25 beads per package. Ideal for hook sizes 8-10.
Tungsten Cyclops Fluorescent Yellow 3.2mm
25 beads per package. Ideal for hook sizes 12-14.
Tungsten Cyclops Fluorescent Yellow - 2.4 & 2.8mm
25 beads per pkg. See Bead Conversion chart for hook sizes.
We are closing out on our yellow tungsten bead inventory. If you've ever tried painting a room in yellow, you know how hard it is to match that color.
Unfortunately we have not been able to get a consistent yellow in our manufacturing process that we're happy with. So we're closing out on our
yellow beads. The quality of the bead is unaffected, just the color.
No returns on these beads - sorry!

The 2.4 & 2.8mm beads are a bright fluorescent yellow and are the same color.
The 3.2mm beads have a slightly more greenish tint to the yellow and we'd call it  a 'Fluorescent yellow-chartreuse'
The 4.6mm beads are a sunflower yellow. Darker and not fluorescent.
Lamiglas Spey Rod 14' 10/11 Weight
The CST 14100 has the same fabulous construction and design as the CST 12989, but is longer and stronger. This is a long and powerful rod but lightweight and easy to carry. With each rod built in six pieces, even the 14-footer travels in the same space as a 9-foot, 4-piece trout rod. A metallic plum finish, traditional snake guides, Aluminum Oxide stripper, and machined, titanium finished reel seats complete these precise performers. Lamiglas travel tube included. 14'0" 6 sections. 10/11 Weight
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CST 141011 Handle
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Lamiglas Appalachian Travel 6'6" 3 Weight
A very light weight rod for fishing in tight spots. This rod is so well balanced, you'll be amazed at it's ability to cast and present the most delicate of presentations. On short casts, the tip will flex and load the rod perfectly. 6'6" long. 3 sections. 3 WT balance.
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AT663 Handle
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Appalachian Travel Series:
If you want to master presentations in the ten- to thirty-foot
range, the Appalachian Travel series is for you. The
hand-polished, high-modulus graphite blanks offer a crisp,
exacting casting stroke. Single foot snake guides. Burgundy
wraps with gold inlays and nickel silver reel seats with
rosewood barrels. The rods are beautiful not just in their
looks, but in their performance as well. Lamiglas travel tube
included with the rod.
TICA TC3 Veteran II FISA Rods 9'0" - 8-9 wt
9' 0" 8-9 weight. 2 sections.

This is a great rod, especially as a back-up or for
someone just starting into salmon or salt-water fly
fishing. The rod is in perfect condition. It's brand
new & it has never been used. However,  the tube
zipper is broken and the tube slightly damaged.
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Bristol Bay Fly Rod - 2 pieces, 9'0", 7 weight
Bristol Bay Fly Rod, custom made by M.Handy. 2 piece, 9', 7 weight rod.
This rod was made for Alaska trout! This is the same great rod as the 5 weight only designed and engineered to balance a heavier 6-7 weight line. The 7 weight rod also comes with a fighting butt. Red velvet sack, custom aluminum tube and a one year warranty on materials and workmanship from the manufacturer are included.
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Nymph Stretch Skin
Looking to make more realistic nymph patterns with better segmentation? These latex strips are 1/8 inch wide and will form to your hook or underbody like a glove. Also great for grub patterns. 2 yards per package.
Adult Damsel Bodies
Dyed and painted braided mono makes great extended body damsels. 1 yd per package.